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glass decorations

Polish baubles fascinate the world.

In December Polish Foundation “Polska Fundacja Narodowa” inaugurated the competition called “Polska 4×4”. The aim of the competition was to choose  the best short scripts promoting Poland on social media e.g. on YouTube. The works were evaluated by 4 judges who chose four winners in four categories. Things we have in common. History…

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Coastal vibes.

Since coastal decorations are in this season and we can observe the presence of these kind of elements everywhere, for instance in fashion, stationary, interior design and fabric. Interior designers propose posters with sea creatures and fashion gurus  such as Luis Vuitton,Chanel, Stella McCartney, Valentino used blue elements in their…

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For Mothers and Fathers.

In Poland we celebrate Mother’s Day on 26th of May and Father’s Day on 26th of June. For these occasions we have prepared the collection which can be given to our loved ones. The collection consists of transparent glass hearts with handmade decorations. To make the designs more effective we…

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Here comes the spring!

If you are already bored with cold and dull weather, have a look at our spring collection. We hope that our colourful Easter eggs will bring a ray of sunshine into your home and they will be fabulous  addition to your spring decorations. You can present our products in vases…

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Colour of the year.

The colours of the year has been chosen for 20 years by Pantone Institute. Their choice has the influence on the development of products all over the year. Being aware how important role the colours play in our lives, traders, entrepreneurs, designers and artists of different fields of work take…

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